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How to Get Rid of Mucus in Nose and Throat Fast?

Mucus usually conjures up images of clogging, filth and disgust in our minds, but it deserves more respect than that. Yes, it is much more than that irritating, sticky fluid that impedes your breathing by clogging up your nasal passage or on the back of your throat.

Believe it or not, your nasal and throat glands create 1-2 liters of mucus every single day to serve the following purposes:

  • Prevent the onslaught of foreign particles
  • Maintain the immunity system of your body
  • Ward off infection
  • Humidify hair
  • Moisten your nasal linings

Excessive formation

As usual, anything and everything that is excessive in nature causes trouble and mucus formation is no exception.  You know that the mucus is brewing trouble when it has thickened to such an extent that it settles inside your nasal passage as well as throat.

Excessively mucus production in the nose is usually attributed to colds, post nasal drips, sinusitis and other respiratory tract infections which make it difficult to breathe normally.Effective nose bleeding tips help you in case of nose bleeds. Meanwhile mucus problems in the throat can be caused by laryngitis, strep throat, tonsils, chicken pox, catarrh, mononucleosis and whooping cough, among several others.

Other causes

Furthermore, pregnancy and seasonal allergies are also common cause of excessive mucus in the body. For instance, the female hormone estrogen augments thick mucus production which causes pregnant women to experience coughing, sneezing and runny nose as part of their ‘morning sicknesses’.

Similarly, seasonal allergies triggering mucus formation are largely attributed to lactose intolerance, certain foods leading food allergies (dairy and milk tend to thicken mucus levels), and tree pollen or fall seasonal allergies which exacerbate the respiratory problems to a significant level. If you’re struck with an allergy, you can expect the discomfort to linger on for as long

It is important to observe here that it is easier to get rid of nasal mucus when compared to dry throat mucus symptoms although both predicaments can cause a lot of breathing trouble.

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Nose and Throat Fast

Remedies for excessive mucus depend upon the reason that causes it in the first place. For instance, if it’s a result of a bacterial infection, then you need to be prescribed certain antibiotics. If however, it is caused by allergies, then antihistamines could be looked at closely. Meanwhile nasal sprays, decongestants and drops are only temporary ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Here are some best ways to get rid of mucus in nose and throat.

1)   Steam inhalation from a bowl of boiling water is an excellent way of reducing and loosening loosen mucus in the nose/throat.

2)   Gargling with salted water is another great method to bring relief in symptoms of sore throat nasal drip.

3)   Stay away from foods (especially dairy) that you think aggravate mucus production.

4)   Drink a lot of warm chamomile or lemon teas after adding some honey, which helps loosen mucus significantly.

5)   If possible, eat garlic and ginger in their raw form or at least include them in all your meals. Garlic is one of the best antibacterial, anti-germs and antiviral herbs on this planet. Try to eat 4-5 cloves as soon as you wake up in the morning.

6)   Blowing your nose several times a day and spitting out mucus are other natural ways of combating the problem.

7)   There are many breathing exercises which you can perform gently by involving your lungs. However, this would work only if you’re able to breathe properly in the first place.

8)   Essential oils like lavender, thyme and peppermint can be massaged on your throat and chest to ease the congestion.

9)   Herbs like fenugreek, licorice, and chickweed are also useful in clearing mucus from the nose and throat.

10) Consuming turmeric either by mixing it in milk or any foods is also a wonderful way of reducing music formation as it is a world-class antiseptic.